How to Care for Your Residential Metal Roofing

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One of the reasons why many people opt for residential metal roofing is the promise of a longer life that can’t be achieved with other types of roofing materials. While it is true that metal roofing is long-lasting, the best way to ensure you get the decades of protection for your home is to learn about how to care for your residential metal roofing.

How to Care for Your Residential Metal Roofing

The main thing to remember is that you should take steps to remove dirt, residue, leaves, mold, or any other contamination that may end up on your roof. That doesn’t mean you have to meticulously clean your residential metal roofing every week or even every month, but you should be observant so that any corrosive elements are removed before they can degrade the protective coating. Generally speaking, you can get by with annual cleaning unless you have a tree dripping sap and debris on it, or another harsh condition comes into play. You might also want a professional cleaning done every three to five years to deal with more stubborn substances.

To be proactive in the care of your residential metal roofing, take care to trim back tree branches regularly. When you have the roofing installed, be sure you have a complete understanding of the warranty terms regarding cleaning so you don’t inadvertently void the warranty.

If you would like to investigate residential metal roofing for your Burlington, North Carolina home, reach out to us at Just In Time Roofing & Restoration. We are happy to address your questions and advise you about the care of a metal roof.

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