How to Know Your Roof Replacement is Overdue

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Since you don’t examine your roof up close on a regular basis, you may not know when it’s time to replace it. Maybe you don’t know which signs to watch out for. Our experienced professionals at Just In Time Roofing & Restoration will come to inspect your roof and replace it if necessary.

How to Know Your Roof Replacement is Overdue

Here are some signs that you may need our roof replacement services sooner than later:

  • Light penetration. Turn off the lights in the attic to check out for unusual light penetration. If light is coming in through the ceiling, you probably need a new roof.
  • Sagging. Roof sagging indicates structural damage, meaning your roof may collapse if the sagging goes unnoticed for a long time. Some common causes of sagging are improper installation, poor roofing material, and frequent exposure to water. We sell top-grade roofing materials from Atlas and CertainTeed to avoid such problems. In addition, our professionals are CertainTeed Shingle Master and Atlas Signature Select Certified, so we provide roof replacement services you can trust.
  • Old roofing. How old is your roof? If your roof was installed several decades ago, there are high chances that it’s not working as intended. For instance, asphalt shingles become less effective when they are over 20 years old. You can rest assured that our roofs will serve you reliably, since we have 15-year, 25-year, and 50-year shingle warranties.

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