Roof Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Roof

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If you had a choice to take steps to stay healthy or spend money for medical care to deal with an illness, which would you choose? Staying healthy, of course! You should have the same thought process when it comes to your home’s roof. If you keep it healthy with regular roof maintenance, you won’t have to spend money on roof care to deal with a problem. Here are some roof maintenance tips that will help you have a healthy roof:

  • Regular visual inspection- Be observant about any changes in your roof, such as missing shingles, damaged shingles, moss or algae growth, or granule loss showing up in the gutters.

Roof Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Roof

  • Trim tree branches- If you have a tree close to your home, stay on top of trimming branches so they do not rub on the roof. Take care to have any dead branches removed before they can come down in a storm and damage your roof.
  • Clean the gutters- If the gutters are clogged, the water can back up under the shingles and cause water damage inside your home. It can also spell trouble for your roof if ice pushes against the shingles.
  • Check flashing, chimney, and other roof protrusions- Roof maintenance to add sealant, replace worn bricks or mortar in the chimney, and replace worn flashing will ensure you don’t end up with a damaged roof or water intrusion.
  • Professional inspection- Along with your regular visual inspections, consider a roof maintenance and inspection visit from a roofing professional. It takes a trained eye to spot some roof problems while they are still manageable.

If you are in need of roof maintenance at your home, reach out to us at Just In Time Roofing & Restoration. We are happy to help you with any roofing services you need, including roof maintenance, roof replacement, roof repair, and roof installation. We also offer gutter services, as well as roofing and gutter services for commercial properties in the Piedmont Triad area.

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