5 Stages in the Commercial Roofing Life Cycle

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It’s essential for building owners and facility managers to comprehend the life cycle of commercial roofing to guarantee durability and functionality. This is because, in addition to providing protection for the structure and its belongings, a well-maintained roof raises the value of the property overall and improves energy efficiency.

5 Stages in the Commercial Roofing Life Cycle

This blog provides a summary of the phases in a commercial roof’s life cycle, giving you the information you need to ensure its efficiency.

  1. Design and Installation: Effective planning and implementation are essential for commercial roofing to last a long time. This includes working with an experienced roofing contractor to ensure the roof is built to last and complies with industry regulations.
  2. First Five Years: Frequent inspections are crucial in the early stages of the roof’s life. We can provide these inspections and any maintenance needed, as well as take action to fix any problems. A proactive maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections is the best way to stop minor issues from getting worse.
  3. Midlife (ages 5 to 15): Continued checks can monitor wear and tear, especially in areas that are vulnerable to harm, like seams and flashing. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the roof stays clean to avoid drainage problems and eliminate debris.
  4. Late Life (Age 15–25): As commercial roofing ages, it may need to be assessed more frequently. If damage is discovered at this point, our team will provide you with options for repairs as needed.
  5. Later Life (above 25 years): At this point, it’s nearing the time to make plans for commercial roof replacement, even if it has been maintained in the best way to ensure the best efficiency and functionality.

Every commercial roof is different, which is why relying on the expertise of an experienced team is key. Contact us today to learn more.