Immediate Action Steps for Roof Storm Damage

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Your roof has suffered storm damage. Now what? Many homeowners find themselves asking that question when their home has sustained damage during a severe weather event. What are you supposed to do immediately after your roof has sustained storm damage, so you can restore your home? Fortunately, the immediate action steps when you’ve got roof storm damage can be pretty simple.

Immediate Action Steps for Roof Storm Damage

  1. Do a Roof Assessment – First things first, you’ll want to walk around your home and assess your roof for storm damage to determine the degree of the problem. For example, the front of your home may have sustained a good bit of damage while the back part of your roof may be clear of any major issue. You may also want to take note of any debris, holes, and water damage affecting your roof.
  2. Call a Roofing Professional – Once you’ve done a visual assessment of your roof, call in your local roofing professionals and explain the storm damage you have seen to them. This will help them determine the severity of the problem and help them prioritize your call. When the professionals arrive, they will also do an assessment and can give you a better idea of what will need to be done for roof repair or roof replacement.
  3. Protect & Remove Belongings – When your home has sustained storm damage, your personal items inside your home are at immediate risk. Take some time to move out the items that cannot be stored safely in your home and cover larger items like furniture to protect it from further damage.

Your roofing professionals here at Just In Time Roofing & Restoration are standing by to help with roofing solutions when you aren’t sure where to turn after storm damage has occurred. Contact us today if you need help restoring your roof and your home!

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