Commercial Acrylic Coatings, Greensboro, NC

We offer high-quality commercial acrylic coatings to help you keep your business’ roof in great shape.

Our team at Just In Time Roofing & Restoration has extensive experience in the roofing industry, including plenty of experience in working on both residential and commercial projects. There are several key differences between residential and commercial roofing, with one of the biggest distinctions being the difference in their lifespans—while most residential roofs are designed to last at least 20 years, commercial roofing generally wears out faster, needs to be replaced more often, and requires more maintenance in general. Fortunately, our team can offer a solution to help you keep your business’ roof in better long-term condition in the form of our commercial acrylic coatings.

Commercial Acrylic Coatings in Greensboro, North Carolina

Commercial acrylic coatings form a protective barrier over your existing commercial roof to reduce damage from debris, water, UV rays, and other adverse effects. As the barrier wears down, you can simply have our team apply a new layer to provide continued protection. Installing commercial acrylic coatings starts with thoroughly washing the roof to remove all dirt and debris. Then, our experts will apply a primer, followed by a sealant, and finally install the acrylic coating itself. We’ll make sure everything is installed perfectly so you can enjoy the ongoing roof protection you are looking for—each application can add up to ten years to your commercial roof’s total lifespan, so we encourage you to give this treatment a try.

We are proud to serve the Greensboro, North Carolina community, and we want to help you do what’s best for your business. If you are interested in our commercial acrylic coatings, just give us a call.

At Just In Time Roofing & Restoration, we offer commercial acrylic coatings in Burlington, Oak Ridge, Whitsett, Mebane, Graham, Elon, Reidsville, Haw River, McLeansville, Durham, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Liberty, Cary, Summerfield, Pleasant Garden, Archdale, Trinity, Thomasville, Randleman, Climax, Apex, Browns Summit, and Greensboro, North Carolina.

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