Three Times to Schedule Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Your commercial roof is a critical piece of your business facility, even if it isn’t on your mind often. While day-to-day operations typically require a focus on your equipment and employees, it’s still important to think about commercial roof maintenance throughout the year. There are three times to schedule commercial roof maintenance to ensure that your roof is in good condition all year long.

Three Times to Schedule Commercial Roof Maintenance

  1. During HVAC Maintenance & Repair – Many industrial HVAC systems are situated in part on the top of your building on the roof. Anytime you need to have your commercial HVAC equipment worked on, you may also want to schedule commercial roof maintenance just to make sure that your roof is in good condition. For example, if you’ve had an HVAC leak that needed repair, checking your commercial roofing materials to ensure they didn’t have damage will be critical to minimizing cost and avoiding additional potential problems.
  2. During the Warranty Period – If you’ve had a new commercial roof installed, you’ll likely want to make sure that it keeps its good condition! If you’ve been given a commercial roof maintenance warranty period from your roofing contractors, take them up on the offer and schedule routine maintenance checks to ensure you get the most from your roof.
  3. After Major Weather Events – If there has been a major weather event in your area, especially one that led to storm damage, commercial roof maintenance is a must. Because many commercial roofs are flat, they can hold debris and other damaging materials blown in by the wind. Eliminating any potentially dangerous materials from your commercial roof and checking for damage is essential.

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