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Today’s solar energy systems are more roof-friendly than previous systems.

Solar energy is far from being a new technological advancement. However, it definitely has changed over the years. That is actually a good thing because the innovations have made it more affordable, and that means you can recoup the cost sooner than ever before. As utility prices rise, that is even more of a benefit. At Just In Time Roofing & Restoration, we have expertise in roofing and solar energy, so we can handle the installation of your photovoltaic panels in the most effective and beneficial manner.

Solar Energy in Burlington, North Carolina

If you’ve been on the fence about solar energy out of concerns about the effect on the roof of your Burlington, North Carolina home, you’ll be happy to know that we’re advocates for solar panels because we know the right way to install them. We know that an assessment of your roof has to be the first phase of the project because it is more affordable to repair or replace your roof before installing solar panels than to need to take the panels down in just a few years to replace the roof.

Experience the benefit of solar power for yourself

Today’s solar energy systems are more roof-friendly than previous systems, so there really is no reason to worry that you’ll jeopardize the roof to enjoy solar energy savings. Solar is well worth the investment and pays for itself sooner than you might think. If you would like to learn more about solar energy or our services if you already have a solar-powered home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Just In Time Roofing & Restoration, we offer solar energy services in Burlington, Oak Ridge, Whitsett, Mebane, Graham, Elon, Reidsville, Haw River, McLeansville, Durham, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Liberty, Cary, Summerfield, Pleasant Garden, Archdale, Trinity, Thomasville, Randleman, Climax, Apex, Browns Summit, and Greensboro, North Carolina.


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